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Provinces: Conditions of Sale

  • Owing to certain conditions over which we have no control, such as changeable climatic conditions and the fact that seeds are indistinguishable in appearance from other seeds, we give no WARRANTY expressed or implied, as to description, character or name of any seeds supplied by us, or as their productiveness, germination or growth.
Non-warranty – GRAIN / COMMODITY
  • Buyers attention is drawn to the description of goods on the invoice, due to their nature no guarantee of 100% purity can be given.
Important - Limitation of Liability
  • Advance Seed (Pty) Ltd warrants that this seed conforms to the description as detailed on the container, within accepted tolerances. No further express or implied warranty regarding the merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, or quality of the seed, or otherwise is provided and, other than stipulated herein, all forms of liability relating to this seed, irrespective of the nature, cause or extent thereof and further irrespective of negligence (ordinary or gross) on the part of Advance Seed (Pty) Ltd, are specifically excluded.
  • The exclusive remedy for loss or damage owing to breach of the above-mentioned warranty shall be limited to the amount of the purchase price of the defective seed and, in light of the above stated exclusion, in no event shall Advance Seed (Pty) Ltd be liable for consequential damage suffered by the purchaser or user of the seed. Claims for defective seed in terms hereof will only be considered if received by Advance Seed (Pty) Ltd by registered mail within 30 days after being discovered or reasonably should have been discovered. Should the above-mentioned terms not be acceptable to the purchaser, the purchaser must return the seed unopened and in the same condition as at delivery within 72 hours for a refund of the purchase price only.
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