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Eragrostis Teff :

    Description :
    • Teff is an annual hay grass. On occasions it is used for grazing as well. It is very leafy and has fine stems, this makes it an excellent grass for hay production.
    Climate :
    • Subtropical/temperate
    Moisture Requirements :
    • Plant under dry land conditions where an annual rainfall of approx 400 mm is required.
    • Highest yields are obtained in areas with an annual rainfall of >600 mm.
    Soil Preference :
    • Teff is adapted to most soil types.
    • Avoid soils that are prone to waterlogging.
    Sowing Rate :
    • Broadcast: 10 - 15kg/ha
    Planting Time :
    • Mid October to mid January.
    Planting Method :
    • A firm and fine seedbed is an absolute requirement.
    • It is advisable to roll the seedbed both before and after planting.
    Management :
    • Teff is quick to establish, and can be ready for hay making within 65 - 75 days.
    • Two cuts are possible provided sowing takes place in late October to mid November.
    • Sowing in late December to January will limit the possibility of a second cut.
    • Where two or more hay cuttings are planned, two top dressings of 50kg/ha N can be applied. The fist application should take place approximately 1 month after germination and the second following the fist cut.
    • Soil analysis recommendations: P-15 dpm; K-100 dpm
    • Cut for hay during the early to mid flowering stage for best results.
    Advantages :
    • Makes excellent hay.
    • Teff is tolerant to acid soils.
    • 2-8 ton DM/ha per annum is possible.
    Limitations :
    • Not recommended for grazing.
    • Not suitable for silage.
    • Not suitable for foggage.
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