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Sea Spray - Seeded Seashore Paspalum

For greens, tees and fairways

Sea Spray is the first release of an improved, seeded Seashore paspalum. An extremely salt tolerant turfgrass. Sea Spray has outstanding turf quality, a bright green colour and a beautiful, uniform appearance.

Ideal for temperate to hot, humid coastal climates. Sea Spray also affords excellent drought tolerance and good shade tolerance. Excellent for use on turfgrass areas irrigated with effluent water or subject to naturally high saline conditions.

Uses of Sea Spray:
  • Turf areas irrigated with effluent water or subject to naturally high saline conditions
  • Interseeding improved, vegetative Seashore Paspalums such as Salam, Excalibre, Sealsle 1, SeaWay and Millenium
  • Golf Tees / Fairways / Roughs
  • Parks / Recreational turf
  • Sod production
  • Low maintenance turf
  • Erosion control/ Coastal sites influenced by salt
Growth Habit and Characteristics:
  • Aggressive, prostrate, spreading growth habit
  • Uniform, moderately dense turf with bright green colour/ medium blade texture
  • Aggressive stolon and rhizome growth
  • Prefers soils with moderate to high quality. Tolerant of most soil types, pH range of 4.5 -9.0
Performance Characteristics/Adaptations:
  • Very high salt tolerance/Greater than bremudagrass
  • Full sun to moderate shade tolerance
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Better cold tolerance than most bermudagrasses
  • With high nitrogen/lower mowing heights afford good winter colour in mild winter climates
  • Good wear tolerance/Moderate recovery
  • Very good performance in wet, boggy conditions
  • Tolerates 10mm to 40mm cutting height
  • Very good disease tolerance in saline conditions
Establishment and Maintenance:
  • Seed at 0.45kg/100 square meters
  • Best planted late spring through mid-summer
  • Requires good quality water for establishment (30 days)
  • Seedbed should be kept moist during germination
  • Germinates in 10-17 days with optimal soil conditions, 18-27 deg C. Do not plant with soil temperatures below 16 deg C. Full coverage in approximately 8-10 weeks
  • First mowing recommended when turf reaches approximately 25mm in height
Established Turf Maintenance:
  • For best performance, fertilize at annual rate of 1 -1.5kg/N/100 square meters. Early fall and spring fertilizations best. Summer fertility with high Nitrogen is not recommended
  • Avoid applications of more than 250g of fast release, water soluble nitrogen/100 square meters. Sea Spray likes potassium and chlorine
  • Recommended mowing height: 13-40mm with reel mowers. To reduce incidence of scalping during summer season, gradually increase mowing height during peak growing conditions
  • Deep, infrequent irrigations are best throughout the growing season
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